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Get your business seen with high-quality, attractive business signs and graphics by your Eureka outdoor signage experts, Excel Signs & Design!

custom lighted signsSpecializing in eye-catching design, efficient production, and fast turnaround times, we know exactly what it takes to support your business goals with effective sign and graphic elements.

Outdoor signs are often the first impression a new visitor or potential customer has of your business and brand. The information they provide, their unique style, the professionalism of installation, and the upkeep and maintenance of your signage all impacts your ability to draw new clients inside.

We develop attractive, branded storefront signage to suit all of your needs, from eye-catching lighted storefront signs to window displays, promotional banners, flag signs, a-frame signs, even custom hours of operation lettering for your entry doors. If you want to effectively attract new clients and customers, promote your latest products, and let your local community know that you exist, outdoor signs are the right solution.

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Storefront & Building Signs

Selecting the right storefront sign to promote your business and introduce your brand to potential clients is an important job.

There are many specific factors you need to take into consideration when choosing the right building sign for your brand. The size, style, and placement of your letters can impact both visibility and legibility. If your sign isn’t easily seen or understood, then it won’t be effective in drawing new customers to your facilities.

Our experts not only assist with selecting the right sign type for your needs, we also recommend proper placement, size, and assist with sign design to ensure your signs are both attractive and impactful. We can also recommend supporting signage elements, based on your specific business goals. When you are looking for a dedicated, trusted Eureka exterior signage partner, reach out to the experts at Excel Signs & Design to get the perfect sign for your business.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Eye-catching and customizable, channel letters and dimensional lettering provide a great solution for storefront signage for many different business types.

Storefront channel letters

With individually formed letters, they are able to spell any messaging that you desire. Available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, even customized to your brand guidelines, they are a durable, long-lasting sign type that can be supported with lighting for increased visibility.

Channel letters typically sit flush against your building, working cohesively with your storefront, yet standing out to garner attention. Completely customized to your business and brand, they are an attractive addition to your facade.

Channel letters are an attractive, functional storefront sign that suits almost all business types and locations. 

Lighted Signs

If you want to attract attention to your business all hours and in all weather conditions, a lighted sign is the right choice for you.

Lighted cabinet storefront sign

We provide extensive lighted signage options, from backlit channel letters to illuminated cabinet signs, halo-lit dimensional letters, digital displays, and more. Our experts listen to your needs, consider your location and goals, and utilize their experience to determine the proper size, placement, and illumination type to best suit your business.

Many of our lighted signs are now crafted using LED lighting versus standard fluorescent, incandescent, or neon lights. LED’s are incredibly long-lasting, durable, and energy-efficient, meaning they are both more environmentally and wallet-friendly than other lighted sign types.

Lighted signs provide unparalleled visibility in questionable weather and late hours, making them perfect for clubs, theaters, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, shopping centers, retail businesses, gas stations, and many more.

Custom Sign Panels

An affordable and highly-customizable option for storefront signage is the panel sign.

Outdoor sign panel

Panel signs are flat signage that can be affixed directly to your storefront. These panels often contain more information than dimensional or channel letters, and are one of the fastest and most affordable storefront sign options. It is common for them to include your business name, logo, address, and another prominent brand messaging you don’t want to be missed.

Standalone sign panels are often constructed of aluminum, or other durable materials. They can be printed directly onto the material, or affixed with layers of long-lasting vinyl to create various elements. Sign panels can also be part of another sign, such as a front for a cabinet sign. When crafted from a translucent material, lighting can be added for greater visibility.

Sign Panels are great for budgets of all sizes. Any business seeking a functional, durable, and highly-customizable storefront sign can appreciate the benefits of panel signs.

Monument Signs

Nothing makes an impression like a custom monument sign for your business entrance.

attractive storefront monument sign

Crafted from substantial, long-lasting materials such as marble, stone, brick, or concrete, monument signs are a reflection of the durability of your business. These signs are then affixed with your message, either crafted from dimensional lettering, etched or carved into the material, or they can even include digital message centers.

We can craft lightweight versions that have the appearance of marble without the high ticket. Our monument sign experts are creative, and we can find an attractive solution that meets your desires and budget. Whether you want to showcase the permanence of your brand, or complement and highlight the modern styling of your structure, we craft the perfect monument sign for you.

Monument signs are impactful and versatile in design. They are frequently used by corporate offices, schools, government buildings, apartment complexes and neighborhoods, churches, resorts, private clubs, and other facilities looking to impress.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Catch the eye of anyone passing nearby with high-visibility pole signs and pylon signs. With many options for lighting, height, and size, we make sure your message can’t be missed.

Outdoor pole and pylon signs

Extending above rooftops, pole signs are ideal for businesses with a goal of increasing their foot traffic and visibility. If you offer convenience items, such as shopping centers and gas stations, or items frequently needed by travelers, such as pharmacies and car repair service centers, the pole signs are the answer.

They allow your business to be seen from great distances, effectively promoting your business to local major roadways and interstates, even if your business does not have the benefit of road frontage. Indoor malls, office buildings, and other facilities that don’t have the ability to showcase a storefront sign can benefit from pole or pylon tenant signs, which let customers know what can be found in their center. Addition of tenant signs can help a landlord to improve the tenant occupancy of their center, as well.

Pole signs provide ultimate visibility for businesses. Fast food and restaurants, shopping centers and supermarkets, office complexes, gas stations, and any business not visible from the road can benefit from pole signs.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Permanent storefront signage isn’t all we have to offer, we deliver any outdoor sign your Eureka, MO business could possibly need!

outdoor wayfinding post panel signs

From promotional signage for on and off-site, like banners, flag signs, yard signs, post and panel signs, a-frame signs, and real estate signs, to wayfinding and directional signage for campuses, multi-unit facilities, and outdoor events, our local sign and graphic experts will help you determine the right signage type, placement, and layout for maximum impact.

From introducing your business to the world to promoting your products and services, we have effective signage solutions that support your goals, as well as cohesive indoor signs and graphics to ensure a professional image inside and out.

Our other exterior signs include:

Whatever sign you have in mind for your business or organization, our Eureka exterior signage providers have smart suggestions, products, and solutions to meet your needs.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

From assisting you with selecting the perfect signage type, creating the righ layout and design, to high-quality sign manufacturing and installation, our Eureka, MO full-service sign company puts your project in the hands of experts.

custom sign installation

With a local staff of talented sign designers, fabricators, and installers, we understand the importance of sign size, style, placement, and design. We work with you and customize your signage specifically to your needs and facilities, ensuring your brand and business won’t be missed.

With a keen eye towards minimizing waste and utilizing environmentally-friendly processes, materials, and machines, we work hard to reduce our impact on our earth and on your wallet.

Once all elements of your exterior signage have been sourced or produced, we entrust our exterior sign installation team to securely attach your signage where it will get the most visibility and have the biggest impact for your business.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

St. Louis Sign CompanyWhen you want the right outdoor signs to support your business, identify your brand, attract more customers, and promote your products, services, and events, Excel Signs & Design has the solution for you.

Your Eureka outdoor signs and graphics partner, we are dedicated to crafting the high-quality, impactful, and eye-catching signage your business needs. We look forward to assisting with all signage projects, both now and in the future.

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