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Collinsville LED signs
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Collinsville LED signs

Despite being a special aesthetic on their own, neon lights are known to be expensive, inefficient, and environmentally unhealthy. Excel Signs & Design is a leading signage company that has been in the industry for many years. And we recommend high-efficiency, low-energy LED displays if you want to have the amazing effect of neon signs without all the expensive repercussions and environmental damage.

custom projecting blade sign If you’re looking for other styles of lighted signage, we got you covered. LED signs can be more than just copycats of neon lighting. They can be applied as uplighting, backlighting, or internal illumination to several sign types, like channel letter storefront signs, monument signs, pylon signs, acrylic signs, or cabinet signs. If you run a business that operates until nighttime, like a nightclub, hotel, resort, restaurant, or convenience store, these LED signs will work wonders for your company.

No matter what look, design, shape, size, or color you want for your Collinsville LED signs, Excel Signs & Design has your back. Every service you will need, from fabrication and design to installation and repair, can be taken care of by our team of signage experts.

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Indoor LED Signs

lighted dimensional letters LED displays are highly attractive as storefront signs, but they are also very effective for indoor usage. Their typical interior functions include informational signs like “OPEN” cards or exit signs.

LED signs can also be used to advertise special products effectively. You can use them to highlight certain areas of your store so your customers’ attention will be directed toward that direction. Order and pickup stations are also commonly installed with LED signs so people can have a clear vision of their orders in restaurants, pharmacies, and other retail establishments.

From simple letter signs to digital message boards, we can create any variation of LED signage that you want. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll get right to it.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Programmable LED message centers are a treat for anyone who uses them. Signs are built to show important information but imagine having highly visible signs with content that you can edit whenever you want; that is what LED boards can do.

custom pole digital message center Excel Signs & Design can provide you with the finest programmable LED message centers that you can get. They can come in all the variations you want, from black-and-white boards and full-color units to boards attached to a pole or a whole monument sign.

With these programmable LED boards, you can change the vibrant displays of your business according to, say, your seasonal products, new releases, or changes in company information. You will experience a big boost in customer satisfaction, and marketing numbers with these highly customizable CollinsvilleLED signs.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

Excel Signs & Design is a complete LED sign company. We are fully capable of handling each important process of the signage business. We can deliver to you the best signage products the industry can provide as well as every necessary service needed to bring them to your business area.

custom channel letter fabrication From signage conceptualization, design, and manufacturing to installation, maintenance, and repair, we offer the full package of services that you will need. With our signage experts by your side, you can be confident that you can have top-quality services throughout every signage and marketing goal you will have with your business.

We can bring you the best industry-grade Collinsville LED signs as well as every signage type you can perceive, including channel letters, neon light signs, yard signs, banners, posters, vinyl clings, pylon signs, monument signs, and pole signs. Just tell us your budget, schedule, design preferences, creative vision, branding guidelines, and other important information, and we’ll give you the signs that can help your business have concrete progress.

Free LED Sign Consultation

St. Louis Sign Company Grab the attention of your customers and passersby with high-quality custom LED signs brought to you by top signage company, Excel Signs & Design!

Call Excel Signs & Design at (314) 701-7211 for your Free Consultation with a Collinsville LED Sign expert!