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Saint Charles Channel Letters
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Saint Charles Channel Letters


For dynamic and highly customizable text-based signage for your business, choose Excel Signs & Design’s channel and dimensional letters–one of the most popular signage types in the business.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignChannel letters are a favorite among businesses that need signage because of their notable versatility in terms of design. They can fit into whatever brand and personality a business has. If you’re interested in channel letters, whether you want illuminated signs, flat and dimensional letters, or signage customized to your specific design, we can deliver them to you.

Excel Signs & Design is a professional, full-service provider of signage products and services. If you need channel letters or anything else on the menu, we will bring it to you at the highest quality and speed possible at the best prices in the market.

Call Excel Signs & Design today at (314) 701-7211 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation in Saint Charles!

Storefront Channel Letters

custom complete storefront signageChannel letters are 3-dimensional signs made of combined cutouts to form letters, numbers, symbols, or images. They are aligned and attached to a backing frame or flush-mounted directly to the surface of a building. The channel is covered with an acrylic top that comes in any color and transparency level, allowing more customization options.

With channel letters, you can express any kind of text-based elements, such as your business name and slogan, and choose from virtually the whole library of fonts, colors, and styles. You can even have them as your company logo and any other image you want for your signage.

Channel letter signs are a favorite among businesses such as retail stores, office buildings, grocery stores, malls, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, schools, and churches.

Dimensional Letters

custom professional dimensional letters

Both channel and dimensional letter signs are three-dimensional and made from individually cut elements. But while channel signs are known for having hollow insides where lights and electronics can be put, dimensional signs are solid blocks of either acrylic, metal, or other materials. They also come in virtually any size, style, font, and color. Their thickness is also very customizable, from a few millimeters to several inches deep.

Excel Signs & Design can produce the best dimensional letters you can get in Saint Charles. We will surely tailor-fit them to your company’s brand and personality and create them so they will last for many years.

Dimensional letter signs are best for businesses like restaurants, retail stores, offices, malls, manufacturing. They are also good type choices for indoor or lobby signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

lighted dimensional letters

It seems like flexible design is enough to make great, outstanding signage. But with channel and dimensional letter signs, you can also have the option to boost their attention-grabbing capability by adding light. Whether you’re in low-visibility weather or nighttime, LED lights or backlights can no doubt still highlight your sign brighter among the rest. If you’re not sure where to get quality lights, then don’t worry.

Excel Signs & Design doesn’t just create signs; we can also handle the entire process of installing electronic lighting to them. If your business has operation hours until nighttime, then you should consider our illuminated channel and dimensional signs.

Lighted signs are great for businesses like nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, convenience stores, and gas stations. But even if your business is not one of these, signs with illumination can go well with any signage type that needs more visibility.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

St. Louis Sign CompanyExcel Signs & Design is your best bet in getting high-quality channel and dimensional signs. We are a team of seasoned, highly professional, and committed signage experts that are dedicated to providing only the best signage products and services to our customers in Saint Charles, MO. Partner with us, and we will see that your business will bloom after installing our top-notch signages.

Call Excel Signs & Design today at (314) 701-7211 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation in Saint Charles!